Why Shop Locally?

*  In local vintage shops you are not reliant upon the photos - you can thoroughly inspect items

* Related to the above, being able to see and inspect items means you won't miss a gem because the seller didn't take a great photo ;)

* You can bring along items to match colors rather than relying on your monitor (or trying to gauge the color from the red Coke can in the picture!)

* Shopping local means you can void shipping fees (even if the item is listed as "free shipping" the postal costs are built-in to the item's price)

* You can avoid tragedy: some items are particularly impractical - & costly - & risky - to ship

* Local history is more plentiful locally - plus, you are more likely (especially at vintage & antique shops) to learn the history behind your discoveries 

* Shopping local antique and vintage shops means expert advice in terms of identification, use, and care of items

* Knowledgeable antiques dealers can help you find the vintage and collectibles you are looking for - sadly, search engines are only as good as the words put into them

* Personal connections with vendors & shops is far better than saved searches and ISO (in search of) posts

* On the flip side, those vendors & shops are also there when you wish to flip roles and sell items

* Shopping local and small benefits our Fargo-Moorhead community in tremendously positive ways - it's not just for Small Business Saturdays, you know!

* Local prices reflect the local economy, i.e. you'll be paying less here in Fargo-Moorhead rather than competing with coastal bidders & buyers online

* Shopping at brick & mortar stores is good for your physical health (present coronavirus notwithstanding) as you are out & about, walking rather than doing more sitting


* Shopping real-world stores also benefits your mental health & relationships. Shopping in stores - with family, friends, friendly staff, & other customers - is more social & entertaining than shopping online.

* When shopping with family & friends you can actually see what they like! Result? Better gift giving!


* Buying vintage & secondhand, is better for the environment in general - but shopping locally also reduces your carbon footprint

* Convenience: you can find it, buy it, and take it home right away

* You can pay in cash which is always more budget-friendly than credit cards


* Browsing at local vintage & antique shops is more inspiring - you'll find great displays to influence your home decor as well as unique pieces to encourage your own creativity for recycling, upcycling, and repurposing! 

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Whether you call it antiquing, junking, thrifting, or shopping for vintage, hunting locally in the Fargo-Moorhead area has its advantages over online shopping: