Vintage Shop Directory

A hand-selected list of shops offering great vintage (& retail service!) in the greater FM area. {That's the Fargo, North Dakota & Moorhead, Minnesota area!} 

My Favorite FM Vintage Shops

Fargo Antiques & Repurposed Market aka The FARM

This is hands down my favorite spot for vintage - & just junkin' in general.


The place is huge - filled with over 60 booths & dozens of cases, each with their own curation style, area of expertise, specialty. From true antiques, art, and really rare vintage items to all the more popular retro goodies you covet, including vintage vinyl records & cassette tapes.


Love vintage fashion? Check out the selection of vintage furs, leather jackets, wiggle dresses, & costume jewelry. A decorator? The FARM has a big selection of mid-century modern objects - and an even bigger selection of old country farmhouse items, many handmade & repurposed as well. Cute displays abound - & inspire. (And, yes, they welcome you to take photos in the shop!)


Great furniture finds - from cheap fixer-upper pieces to custom painted buffets, from truly antique cabinets to chippy cupboards, and lots of chairs too. Also, for the makers & restorers, there's a new Wood Shed, full of old barn wood, beadboard, and hardware.


Comics, coins, North Dakota pottery, glassware, vintage & used books, and other classic collectibles await you too.


Whether you are a collector, a creator, or a decorator, you'll love visiting The FARM! There really is something for everyone.

Bonus points for being the cleanest vintage shopping in the area, with wide & accessible walk-ways, and a friendly, helpful, staff. I learn something every time I visit!

Dakota Boys & Girls Ranch Thrift Stores

Yes, looking for vintage takes a bit more work at thrift stores - but it can be worth it when you score!

However, if you need some assistance or some expertise, note that the staff here isn't going to be of much help. 

DBGR thrift stores do a pretty good job of separating the antiques, vintage, & collectibles into one area, so if you are pressed for time, just look in the "blue tag" or "collectible" areas.

DBGR has multiple thrift shop locations. My favorites are:

Dilworth, MN store: This location has the best bets for finding gems in books, records, & general vintage by far. But plan on spending some time as this store is huge.

Downtown Fargo, aka the North Store: The only location to really offer vintage clothing. Has a decent selection of general vintage as well.

Deer Creek location: This is the organization's newest shop, located in a new area of town - so best bets here are decorator pieces. (Bonus: It's located next to The FARM!)

There's a handful of folks who select & price all vintage for all the stores, so prices are relatively even across locations. The downside of that is that the finds are limited to their specific tastes/values. A bit outdated, in my opinion; but your mileage may vary.

Reed & Taylor

OK, I'll be honest and say that part of the thrill of stopping by Reed & Taylor is having a chat with the owner, Donna Reed. Yes, you can talk to a real Donna Reed! (What vintage fan doesn't love saying that?!) Plus, this Donna Reed, is charming, friendly, and knowledgeable in her own right.

But the main reason this shop remains near the top of my list is the design style which reflects the spirit of the owner. (Something I call "Sophisticated Curated Glamour.") 


This shop is clearly curated with a specific eye. It's worth the trip just for inspiration, really.


Upon first glance (or seven), Reed & Taylor may seem focused on a very feminine glamour aesthetic. But don't let that owner's sense of decor style deter you from hunting for vintage and collectibles with less girly-glam too.


I've found a number of vintage advertising gems hiding among the exquisitely upholstered chairs, sparkling jewelry and mirrors, vanity items, and prism-covered chandeliers... You just have to slow down and look.

The Arc Attic Treasures

Like DBGR, the Arc thrift stores can be more work to shop for vintage.


Yes, they too separate the vintage into specific areas; but they also do not have the knowledge to really assist you with questions, etc. But I have found it's definitely worth the time to look.

A great number of vintage items await, such as toys, china, turntables, and, occasionally, records. (Though most of the FM area thrift stores have been rather picked over by knowledgable dealers from other vintage stores, such as The FARM.)

Arc Attic Treasures thrift stores have two locations. I find very little difference between them - other than the size, that is. The downtown Fargo store, called the North Store, is smaller than the newer South Store. (However, I find almost all my vintage lighting at the store on the south side. ...Weird, right?)

Violet Vintage

Violet Vintage is a true little specialty vintage shop, featuring vintage clothing, accessories, and jewelry - with an emphasis on the "little" part.


In actuality, it's not much more than a walk-in closet space... But it is filled with, and dedicated to, vintage fashion.

Unlike too many of the so-called fashion boutiques in downtown Fargo, this one really is a highly specialized shopping experience, bolstered by the spirit of the owner, Pam. Pam's knowledge of and passion for vintage fashion makes this shop worthy of dealing with such sporadic hours.

Bonus: It nearly is right around the corner from Reed & Taylor!

Vintage Rose Antiques

This little shop is quite cute. It's definitely set up for maximum eye-candy appeal!


Like many vintage shops, Vintage Rose Antiques has a mix of repurposed, repainted, and handmade items inside - & outside, weather permitting.


The shop definitely presents an emphasis on the country & rustic charms which are so popular in the FM area.


While the focus is clearly on decorating - most of the vintage items fall in the decor area (prints, textiles, ceramics, etc.), but you can also discover good books, kitchenalia, some clothing, and other vintage and antique finds to interest the collector too.

Don't get me wrong, the shop definitely makes my list of good vintage shopping in the FM area. I just had to place it lower on the list because the shop has some issues with being open when it says it is. That's. So. Frustrating.

Bonus: Located in Dilworth, this shop's not that far from my fav DBGR thrift store - just keep going down Hwy 10 deeper into Dilworth.

A Few Notes...

A number of vintage shops have closed in the Fargo-Moorhead area. I'm noting them - & a few replacement shopping options - below.

Antiques On Broadway

Downtown Fargo

Antiques On Broadway has been closed for at least 6 years now... A mix of thrift store offerings with a smattering of vintage & antiques, it has rather been replaced in atmosphere & location by a junk shop in downtown Moorhead, inside the old Moorhead Center Mall, FM Antiques & More.

Funky Junque & Frontier Americana 

Downtown Fargo

Both of these shops were, like Antiques On Broadway, located on Broadway in downtown Fargo. Funky Junque featured a lot of repurposed & decor; Frontier Americana specialized in true Western antiques. A trip to Fargo Antiques & Repurposed Market will serve both interests.

Phat Kat Antiques & Vintage Vinyl


After what can only be called some sort of crazy snit, the owner of Phat Kat closed the shop a few years ago. Those seeking the vintage records, retro toys, & other pop culture collectibles that made Phat Kat so popular will enjoy a visit to Smokin' Hot Records & Collectibles - however, that shop has recently relocated due to issues with the building. Formerly located off University Avenue in Fargo (1304 13th Ave S) Smokin' Hot Records & Collectibles has now expanded to a whopping 5 booths at Fargo Antiques & Repurposed Market. I would be remiss if I did not point out that prior to Smokin' taking over at the13 Ave S location, Junk Giant was in residence. Junk Giant has since changed names & locations a few times & now can be found at 626 2nd Ave. in downtown Fargo under both the Vinyl Giant & Game Giant monikers. (I have not been to that location; stay tuned.)