• FM Vintage Girl

October Gossip 2020

As the FM area continues to grapple with the coronavirus, many vintage shops in the area have changed their store hours. Some of these changes appear to be temporary; others are permanent. Here's a round-up of where things sit right now in terms of antiquing and junkin' in the Fargo, North Dakota, Moorhead, Minnesota area:

All Dakota Boys & Girls Ranch Thrift Stores have closed on Sundays. That, according to my sources, will be a permanent decision. No clear word on if or when the normal 9 am opening and 7 pm closing hours will return.

Fargo Antiques & Repurposed Market, aka The FARM, still is closing earlier, at 6 pm instead of 7 pm, Monday through Saturday - however, they have just announced that they will be running a trial of staying open until 9 pm on Thursdays.

Violet Vintage, Vintage Rose, as well as Reed & Taylor continue to have sporadic hours of operations. It's best to call and make arrangements before heading out for a visit.